Alarm & Fire Security

Alarm systems and video surveillance equipment are now available at every big-box appliance and electronics store. Television commercials are running ads showing all sorts of easy to install applications that are SUPPOSED to provide you with security. However, if you can purchase it off the shelf and plug it in yourself, then any unscrupulous, unwanted visitor to your home or property can easily unplug those devices and bypass your system.

Creekside Electronics has more than 43 years of experience in providing professional security and fire alarm systems to safeguard your home.

We feature the latest and most innovative home theater equipment available. And our personalized approach is perfect for custom home theater construction projects.

Alarm Systems

Gain peace of mind that you’ll be notified if something just isn’t right and increase safety by integrating with lights, surveillance, audio and climate

Video Surveillance

Monitor activities real-time whether you’re in the house or on the other side of the world

Smart Security

Creekside Electronics knows that keeping your High Country home and family safe is your No. 1 priority. Whether you’re leaving for a week or are heading out of town for even just a day, you can ensure your property is kept in good care with a smart home security solution. Imagine having to ability to check in on your home’s status by just pulling out your smartphone or laptop. While you’re home or far away on a much-needed vacation, you can view live surveillance footage or scroll through recorded video clips on your smart device of choice. With a push of a button, arm your alarm and security systems or set your lighting system to “away” mode so it mimics occupancy. You can flood an outdoor area with lights when movement is detected, or make sure that all the doors are locked – and then easily go back to visiting with friends and family. With smart home security, a stress-free trip is guaranteed every time.

Remote Access

You’ll never have to be halfway to a destination only to wonder – did you turn arm the security system and lock the doors? With remote access to your home security system, you can manage your entire setup from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Every feature of your security and surveillance system will be at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Check on your own whether doors and windows are secured or whether the kids have made it home safely, or receive an automated push notification whenever an alarm goes off, a door is left ajar, or if there’s a drastic temperature change or detection of a water leak. Remote monitoring allows you to always check in on your home, even when you’re not there.

Automated Door Locks

Keys can be a hassle. Not only is it annoying to find the correct one every time, but if you perhaps forget as you leave the house, there is no way to easily secure your Atlanta-area home without turning around and wasting precious hours of your day. Automated door locks make living a keyless life a breeze. Not only will you have the simplicity of entering a passcode to enter your home, but your system can also detect when someone enters or leaves the house and what passcode he or she used. Receive a notification when the kids get back from school or if your neighbor is checking in on your pet while you’re away. Keep wine cellars and valuables secure by installing smart locks on interior doors. Even use your smartphone or tablet to check the lock status of each door and remotely secure your entrances, as necessary. There’s a door lock for every type of need – and plenty of style options, so you don’t ever have to sacrifice your personal interior design preferences.

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