Smart Home Control

Whether you are home or away from home, Creekside Electronics can implement a Home Automation system that will allow you simple, one-touch control of nearly every aspect of your home.

Think you forgot to lock the doors? Do that from your phone. Maybe you’re not certain that you closed the blinds. We can offer automated window coverings for shades, drapery and more.

Going to be gone for a few days and want to create the appearance that you’re still home? Automate when your lights turn on and off.

Smart Home Technology

With just a press of a button, you can manage your entire home automation system right from your own smart device. Using a smartphone, tablet, or in-wall panel or keypad, you can operate innovative technologies such as your lighting control system, smart thermostats, and integrated security setup. Throw the ultimate get-together by using your smartphone to play your favorite music throughout your home, outdoor entertainment space or by the pool through speakers throughout your property – both indoors and outdoors. Set your lights and shades to adjust to the sun’s natural rays so that you can create ambiance.

Ready to kick back to watch a film in your home theater? Simply open an application on your smartphone check on your property’s security by viewing real-time surveillance footage. With smart home technology, the possibilities are endless!

Smart home solutions, from lighting to audio/video and more, add convenience, luxury, and peace of mind to your daily lifestyle!

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